Friday, August 9, 2013

Scoot Pad-Common Core

ScootPad is an app that is based on Common Core Standards to help your students improve their reading, math, spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills. The material is indiviualized for each student based on the content they need help in. Teachers and administrators can track the data of each student and as a class to see areas of strengths and weaknesses. Each student recieves a login and password. I used this app last year and the students really got familiar with the type of questions and set up of Common Core questioning. The students also enjoyed the app because there are some games that they play after they finish activities. I like it because they must type in answers and everything is not just multiple choice. 


  1. I was curious about this app and looked it up. I like that it is self-paced and the learning is personalized and common core driven. I am going to do some more research on this app and suggest it to some more teacher peeps and see if it something they could also use.

  2. This is an app that I am absolutely going to share with the teachers in my school. That app sounds great! I will have to take a closer look at it but it sounds great. Nice tip! Good luck this year!