Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Class Dojo-Classroom Management


Class Dojo is pretty awesome app (which is FREE) or it can be fully operated from your computer as well. With Class Dojo you do not need a fancy chart, sticks, tickets, and whatever else we have all used over and over. This behavior management system is kid appealing, easy to use, portable, and includes everything you need to keep tract of behavior for yourself and the parents. At the beginning of the school year, I explain Class Dojo to my parents and students. I enter all of the students names into the system and each of the students have been automatically chosen an Avatar beside their name. The students help me decide what they should be awarded for and what they should have consequences for. After we have decided this I show them what happens when they get so many points during a week and what happens if they are in the negative of points. Examples are change their avatar picture, sit with a friend, no shoes in class, read a book off the shelf, and many more for positive reinforcement. For negative consequeces students have time off recess or silent lunch or I like for them to walk laps around the playground so they are at least burning some energy off! At the end of the week you can print each students report and send it home to be signed for their behavior each week. You can show the students how the class is doing over all or as individuals in a pie graph with how many positives and how many negatives they have. This system works very well because you can take it with you anywhere in your room or outside of the room on your iPad or iPhone. I keep it pulled up on my board so that when the students hear a positive or negative bell all they have to do is look at the board to see if it was them or not. I do not even have to say anything just press a button if someone is off task. I have enjoyed using this app for the past two years! Enjoy!

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  1. I love, love, love this! I can not wait to use this next year in my class. I have used the green, yellow and red apples with the worms. Thank you so much for informing me of this app! I can't wait to go and explore it.

    What are the parent's reactions to this system? Do they like it?

  2. Oh yes the parents do like it! You can print off each childs behavior each week or email it to them which ever they prefer. I haven't had any complaints with it.

  3. Samantha,
    I love Class Dojo. I teach 7th grade so at first I thought oh this is going to be too "kiddish" for my students. But they absolutely love it. They love that they can go home and change their avatars, and I love it because I have data to track their behavior so when I have parent meetings I can show them exactly what they are need to improve on. Great post!

  4. I love Class Dojo! What's really cool about this app is that you can use it across many platforms. I have it on my iPad and iPhone and log-in on my smart board computer, too. Then, when I give them a point (or take one away), the sound comes through my speakers and everyone turns to see who got a point. It works like a charm! I also turn up the volume on my phone or iPad while out of the classroom so they hear the ding. I don't even have to say anything, just push a button! It's magic!

  5. I started using Class Dojo at the end of the year and it made a huge difference on behaviors in my class! I had student leaders each day and I would let them have some responsibility in rewarding kids who where following directions like when lining up. They loved it! I really liked that I could print off their behaviors each week and they could see their graph as a whole class too.

  6. I received an email from classdojo a couple days ago asking me to add my school to my account. It says that there are great things coming down the line. I hope we can share our students across classes. It would be great if the art teacher (for example), had access to my student's accounts to document their behavior. Then I would see any problems in real time. Fingers crossed!